PASC18 Conference

2018-07-02 - 2018-07-04
Congress Center Basel, Messeplatz 21
4058 Basel, Switzerland

Turbulence Simulations of Complex Flows at the PetaFlops Pit Stop, Part II: Methods

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a natural driver for exascale computing both for academic and industrial cases, and has the potential for substantial societal impact, like reduced energy consumption, alternative sources of energy, improved health care, and improved climate models. This proposed minisymposium focuses on algorithms and methods applicable on the way to exascale for CFD simulations. It is strongly connected to Part I where some of the application cases were discussed, whereas the Part II focuses on some of the relevant methodical aspects. The main driver is the EU funded Horizon 2020 project ExaFLOW and will feature presentations showcasing their work on addressing key algorithmic challenges in CFD in order to facilitate simulations at exascale, e.g. accurate and scalable solvers, data reduction methods (compression) and strategies to ensure fault tolerance and resilience. In particular, the talks in this minisymposium will highlight the following topics: Adaptive mesh refinement and adjoint-based error estimators, resilience in transient flow solvers, efficient communication operators using PGAS and mixed CG-HDG formulations for higher-order simulations.



Philipp Schlatter, KTH Mechanics, Sweden

Ramesh Balakrishnan, Argonne National Laboratory, United States of America


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