The first face-to-face meeting of the ExaFLOW project team took place at the KTH Campus in Stockholm, Sweden on October 28th and 29th 2015. Over these two days the vision and mission of the project were revisited as well as the ways to move forward. The eight members of the project consortium team agreed on a number of managerial issues. All Work Package leaders presented the work to be done and detailed the tasks in further action points. All project deadlines have been reviewed for both internal and official deliverables.

Members from KTH, the University of Southampton, Imperial College London, MacLaren Racing, the Institute of Aerodynamics and Gasdynamis of the University of Stuttgart and the Automotive Simulation Centre of Stuttgart demonstrated together the use cases and codes which they are bringing into the ExaFLOW project. Discussions with PDC - Center for High Performance Computing at KTH, the High Performance Computing Centre of the University of Stuttgart and the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre of the University of Edimburgh on possibilities and limitations of deployments on supercomputing systems followed. As a result, initial requirements were discussed for the four use cases – McLaren front wing; NACA4412; jet in crossflow; automotive use case in cooperation with ASCS.

At the end of the meeting the dissemination plan was discussed. A number of cooperation opportunities with parallel initiatives and projects were mentioned, which are to be explored in the upcoming months. Special attention was given to the Innovation management process including the IPR logging and TRL tracking, as well as the standardisation activities which are to follow at a later stage.

Overall, the kick-off meeting provided the basis for a close cooperation between partners for the three years to come.

Kick-off Meeting of the ExaFLOW Project on 28th and 29th October 2015